Verichannel Background


Verichannel, LLC, launched in 2011, is a private company providing unique services in the field of jewelry industry search engines. Verichannel is headquartered in Dillon, Colorado and by special arrangement uses I. Hennig & Co. offices in New York, London, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, Bangkok, and Gabarone.

Who's Behind It?

Bill Boyajian, Chairman and Investor
Formerly: President of GIA

Jacques Voorhees, CEO and Investor
Formerly: Founder and CEO of Polygon (The first online trading platform for diamonds)

Krista Olson, VP/Chief Operating Officer
Formerly: Group Sales Director - JCK Show and co-founder of Luxury by JCK™ Show, VP/Marketing, Polygon

I. Henning & Co., Investor and Strategic Consultant
I. Henning & Co. is the leading international diamond broker for clients seeking supply from De Beer's Diamond Trading Company.

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Headshot of Bill Boyajian

Bill Boyajian

Headshot of Jacques Voorhees

Jacques Voorhees

Headshot of Krista Olson

Krista Olson

Headshot of Arik Sela from I.Hennig & Co.

Arik Sela, M.D.
I. Hennig & Co.