Jewelry companies can now use Verichannel's single control panel to feed diamonds and jewelry to multiple online platforms (search engines). This "feeder" service is available to all verified jewelry industry professionals. See below for specific criteria.

Search Engine General Description Eligibility Fees Login to Upload
Gemfling Gemfling is the specialty search engine for the jewelry consumer, and is comparable to Yelp for restaurants. B2B companies can showcase product in Gemfling and direct consumers to preferred retailers. Retailers can list product under their own names. Open to all companies offering product in the jewelry industry Certain fees may apply. Contact Verichannel for details. Begin Upload
Forevermark's FMX FMX is a private platform which connects Forevermark retailers to Forevermark suppliers. Only FMX suppliers may list product. None. Begin Upload
IJO-Net IJO-Net is a private platform which connects IJO retailers to IJO. Only IJO suppliers may list product. None. Begin Upload
AGS Diamond Search AGS Diamond Search is a private platform which allows AGS suppliers to showcase AGS-graded diamonds to AGS retail stores. Only AGS suppliers may list product. None. Begin Upload
Worldmart E Worldmart*E is a business-to-business trading platform, in which the buyers are based in China. Open to any diamond supplier, globally. None. Begin Upload
Daily Diamond Report DDR is a business-to-business trading platform for diamond and jewelry companies globally. Open to any qualified trade professional. None. Begin Upload
Other Contact a Verichannel representative for additional search engines supported by Verichannel.