Verichannel Services


Verichannel uses jewelry industry search engines to help companies showcase product to customers. Verichannel builds and operates jewelry search engines for both the trade (B2B) and consumers (B2C), and helps jewelry companies feed product into them.

How Verichannel Delivers Value

Verichannel leverages a company’s online presence by helping distribute product into multiple search engines. While many companies already showcase product on their own website, Verichannel helps companies take the next step and upload their product onto other search engine and shopping websites. Verichannel makes it easy to upload diamonds and jewelry in one step, and then feed that data to other search engines automatically. The more customers that can see a company’s product, the easier it is to make sales.

Which Services Do You Need?

  • A single-upload tool to showcase product in multiple search engines and shopping sites
  • A private trading environment for your trade association, or your customers
  • A feed of diamonds or jewelry to populate a website
  • An online resource for locating diamonds and jewelry from suppliers
  • A marketing platform for showcasing your product to consumers, and then directing those consumers to retail store websites for making purchases
  • A way to embed your company's product information directly into the websites of your retailers, allowing you to maintain brand control and continuity

Verichannel provides these services and more.

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