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Verichannel Launches Consumer Search Engine For Jewelry, To Address "Google Logjam"

Dillon, CO, USA — January 11, 2012 — Verichannel, LLC, a trade-restricted search engine for the jewelry industry, has launched, in beta mode, a consumer version to help retailers and brands break free from what it calls the "Google log-jam." Marketed under the URL, the site brings together some of the most successful models on the Web, including KayakTM-style vendor comparisons, rewards-based viral techniques popularized by Microsoft's BingTM and Groupon,TM and back-end technology powered by GoogleTM itself.

"After our first year successfully helping retail stores connect more efficiently with suppliers, we are now extending our patent-pending technology to help consumers more easily connect with retail stores and brands," said Verichannel CEO Jacques Voorhees. "Based on our research, there is almost a marketing crisis occurring at this level. Consumers increasingly go to the Web as a starting point, and that means Google or one of the other search engines. But if you're not on the first page in the results-you're invisible. And everyone in the industry is trying to be on that first page, which of course is impossible. It's a log-jam that is just as frustrating to consumers as it is to suppliers." is Verichannel's answer to the problem. "You don't go to Google to buy an airline ticket, you go to Expedia," Voorhees continued. "Why? Because it is a specialized search engine that focuses on the unique characteristics of the travel industry-hence delivering a more efficient shopping experience for the consumer. Now, with Gemfling, the jewelry industry can provide similar efficiency. It's better for consumers and vastly more efficient for retailers and brands seeking exposure."

Gemfling's functionality is divided into three components: (a) a key-word search system based on backend Google technology, but restricted 100% to jewelry industry websites, (b) a KayakTM-style shopping architecture that divides the Web into specific channels (local stores, e-tailers, brands, and b2c multi-vendor platforms like eBay and Yahoo-shopping), and (c) a store-locator tied into Google MapsTM.

"The shopping architecture is the core of the system," explained Voorhees. "It uses proprietary technology to serve up powerful jewelry-specific filters-such as American Gem Society membership-and delivers results in side-by-side spawned browsers, similar to KayakTM.

The site launched January 11th. A rewards-based viral marketing program will begin in second quarter 2012, which rewards both retail stores and consumers based on usage and promotional (viral) activity. The site expects to serve up every consumer-facing company in the jewelry industry.

"We recommend all retail stores visit and search their postal code to ensure their information appears properly," noted Teri Welsch, Customer Service Manager. "Every company in the industry can go to the site, register at no cost in the Trade section, and add or make changes to their own data."

Placement within Gemfling, for both retail stores and brands, is being offered on a first come, first serve basis. For more information contact Verichannel at +1 917 512 2393 x 4, or email .

Verichannel is a private company launched in early 2011 by Polygon founder Jacques Voorhees, former GIA president Bill Boyajian, and I Hennig & Co., the leading international diamond broker for clients seeking supply from the Diamond Trading Company. Verichannel provides an environment to help jewelry industry retailers and suppliers "find and be found" on the Internet. Verichannel includes a database of loose diamonds listed by Sightholders and other major suppliers world-wide, a Daily Diamond ReportTM of stones freshly graded by GIA, AGS, IGI and HRD labs, a Google-powered system for searching jewelry industry websites, and other resources. Visit and

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