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(Dillon, CO — August 3, 2011) —'s total diamond inventory hit the 100,000 mark only three months after the "Priced Diamonds" section of its database was launched. Verichannel opened in January with fresh diamonds being uploaded directly from the primary grading laboratories, before the stones had even been priced. In May the company expanded its services so that suppliers could upload their full stocks, including prices.

"We are thrilled to be at such a significant milestone so soon after implementing this feature on Verichannel," said Jacques Voorhees, Verichannel's CEO. "Our decision to expand to a full diamond database, with prices, is proving to be a wise strategy based on the rapid growth we are seeing. In response to customer requests, we're now offering diamonds in two ways: Fresh and Priced. Buyers urgently seeking hard-to-find diamonds can locate such stones within minutes of when they've been graded, and before they've started appearing all over the Web. Buyers who prefer to wait until the stones have been priced and uploaded by the suppliers, have that option as well."

Verichannel's LabDirectTM fresh-diamonds database features stones graded by GIA, AGS, HRD and IGI. Supplier-listed, priced-diamonds are uploaded directly by over 65 dealers, including many DTC Sightholders in Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, and New York. Both diamond databases are fully searchable by all standard criteria including certificate. For more information visit